Hello! I’m Jillian Hawkins, your friendly, West Michigan henna artist. Art has always been an important part of my life and I’ve been doing henna as a hobby since I was a teenager. After graduating with a BFA from Aquinas College and working a few non-art related jobs, I picked up henna as a side gig in 2012 so that I could get more art in my life. About a year after having my first child, I decided to quit my day job and work as a stay at home mom, making more time for art as work. In late 2017, I found a studio space and am now doing everything I can to make art my full time career!

I value the rich, widespread history surrounding henna, as well as the new traditions forming through the melding of cultures. Attending conferences and taking time to learn and network with my community of other artists has been valuable and incredible for my growth as both an artist and as a human being. Henna is a ancient, beautiful, and intimate art form that brings people together and makes them feel beautiful, and I am completely, head-over-heals in love.